Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rice, The Staple Food of Bangladesh

Rice is a staple food of Bangladesh. About 160 million peoples in Bangladesh depend on rice as main food and about 75 percent of agricultural land use to grow rice. Most of the people depend on rice as main food all the year especially in Asia. It is the second highest production in the world after maize. Bangladesh is the sixth largest rice producer country. First the seeds milled from the rice plant to remove the chaff and then cooked or boiled it to eat.  

There are many different kinds of rice in different region depends on different season. Mainly Aman, Aus, Boro are the largest harvest season in Bangladesh. The Aman is the largest harvest season occurring in November to December and about half of annual production in Bangladesh. The second largest harvest is Aus cultivate in March to May during summer rainfall and Boro season is from October to March.

The Production capacity in Bangladesh increase much faster. Total rice production was 10.59 million tons in 1971 and now is producing about 25 million tons.

Name of Some Bangladeshi Rice:
Chinigura, Kalijira, Balam, Bashmoti, Binni Dhan, Bina, Digha, Miniket, Hamim, Balam, Pakh Beruin, Khara Beruin, Raujan, Kathali Beruin, Akia Beruin, Modhu Beruin, Mou Beruin, Lathial, Lapha, Kalo Beruin, Shail Dhan etc.